For Readers To Share Stories about Their Worst Encounters at a Nudist Club or Naked Beach

Naturist Stories About Not So Pleasant Experiences At Clubs and Bare Beaches
We want to hear stories about your WORST experience at nudist club or nude beach!
Embarrassing minutes?
Big faux pas where you were requested to not come back to your nudist resort?
Dreadful experiences with customer service?
Nightmarish room leases or accommodations?
Creepers or jerks who ruined your naked beach time?
A genuine naturist horror storyline: 2 men were arrested while skinny dipping in the UK & may find themselves on the sex offender list.
Maybe you got detained or fined on which you believed was a legal nude beach. Perhaps you leased a room at a club, only to find it was haunted and had a bat flying around inside it. Perhaps you messed with an indoor fountain and by flooded a hot tub room.
Maybe you tried to set off some Chinese lanterns in a club, but they went into the trees instead. Maybe you embarked on a club’s hiking trails, got lost for 6 hours and ended up naked, with nothing but your shoes, in someone’s backyard in a nearby neighborhood.
(These examples may or may not be from our own experiences or those of people we know.)
But we all understand funny and terrible things happen, many times only because nudity is involved. Sadly nudist clubs are not known because of their great hospitality either, despite being in the hospitality industry. But whatever your experience please leave out the name of the club.
Bare beaches can be identified yet.
So please share your horror stories in the remarks for us all to laugh and commiserate over!
Naturist Stories Needed So Please Share Below!
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