Denial of the body is not going to be a problem in our family. There was no sense of taboo with regards to being nude, nor was there a feeling that something should have beenhidden.

As we grew older, my loving husband and I grew closer and as time went on, we became a couple. As a result, we were prepared to explore each other in a other responsible ways also.
One day, they’ll grow up and find partners of their own. As our children develop, we want to educate them the same values and hope they will learn to be responsible and caring adults.
We can only trust that they’ll find others who’ll accept their bodies and will live in complete approval of their natural state if that is what they want.
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Guest blog by: Tony Young
The Blacks Beach Bares Return:
“I had wanted to see all the nude supermodels,” Dave Cole said when asked what prompted him to first visit Black’s Beach in San Diego back in the mid to late 1990s. Evidently, no supermodels ever showed up.

The crowd was mainly men, perhaps a few senior women, and to a 21-year old had who’d just gotten from the Navy a few months before, 30 would have already been considered old.
According to his group’s web site, there’s no easy access to Black’s Beach. Entering at La Jolla Shores meant a northbound hike and entering at Torrey Pines meant you had to hike south. There is certainly a signal on the Torrey Pines trail to the north which says, “Area Closed: Nudity Prohibited.” That meant you were close.
Still, Dave had spent several hours on the bus only getting to Black’s Beach the very first time, followed by a long arduous journey down the cliffs.
“After such as long journey, I was decided to enjoy the sand,” he said. But getting up the nerve to eventually worm from his short pants and get in the water took a while. He guessed people were watching him, but did not know for sure.
Dave did not grow up in a naturist household but spent “some time unclothed” when alone at home. Something inside him wanted to try going into a unclothed beach, to be naked out in nature.
“I kept going to Black’s every year after that, as much as three to four times a summer.
What really turned things around was the day I detected a co worker there. We were both walking towards one another. I thought, “Oh . . . sh-. I was going to get in trouble on the job.”
But to his surprise, his coworker have been thinking precisely the same thing. “He kept encouraging me to sit with his friends and I felt uncomfortable, being a single man as his group of buddies were mostly couples.” Eventually, Dave brought a female friend along to the beach, after which both of them started sitting with this group.
“It was the late 1990s, and we’d seen that on this beach a group of single men patrolling and hitting on the single women, or at least leering close enough to make them feel uneasy. It’d always be the same people over the course of ten years, and while these single men kept returning, the women never did.”
Dave’s new friends took it upon themselves to police the plage in effective but non-confrontational ways. If some perv should happen to park him self down beside a woman, someone would sit in his line of vision and place an open umbrella down in between. When the women began becoming tighter with each other, it allowed for growth within our group.
It was in 1999 when a giant grill showed up on the beach. No one knew where it had come from but we asked the lifeguards if we could use it. They consented; after all it was not theirs to give away. And ever since that Labor Day Weekend, bbq became a regular activity and a group was born. There were socials at friends’ houses, but these socials were not always naturist related, so therefore they didn’t operate like a non-landed nudist club, nor has it ever been a club. The scene was chiefly centered on : picnics every summer weekend, and keeping the plage clean. The group drew in more folks until there were a pretty even amount of women and men.
The only drawback, Dave says, is that because they don’t require membership, most of the beach goers tend to take the strand for given. Black’s Beach, as a bare beach, has always been here and had been a cultural touchstone in the 1970s, so when it gets threatened by legal action, it’s still an uphill climb to gain support for the cause. In addition, though naturism has a long, illustrious history, very few if any bare sand-goers understood about it. In fact AANR didn’ reveal much support for the naked beach movement for years.